Happy Christmas
Friday, December 24, 2010 at 3:52AM

Just a post to wish you all well for the 'holidays'. I'd wish you a white Christmas but I'm sure those in Europe are pretty fed up with the snow by this stage. While it's pretty it's of no use unless you can go snowboarding.

I decided to run my trip beyond Christmas so I resisted returning to Dublin for some Christmas Eve pints in the Duke and the Ivy House with friends. It's regrettable but I'm not ready to face the (Grafton St) music yet. Instead I spent some time with my brother and his family in New York before they returned to Europe earlier today. We divided our time between the city and the country, where we snowboarded on the local ski-hill. Needless to say I now fully appreciate the well-cushioned mountains of Colorado having slipped a couple of times on the virtual concrete that is New England powder in December. I fly back to Colorado on Christmas eve.

I hope all those who are travelling for it manage to get to their destinations safely and without too much hassle. I wish you a great day amongst family, friends and loved ones. Hopefully 2011 will be kind to all of us.

Happy Christmas


ps - there is a small collection of pics from an afternoon of wandering around mid-town in the gallery.

pss - it is worth mentioning that the blog is running pretty delayed at this point. I don't want to skip ahead as it will be a journal for me to look back on in years to come too. I started comprehensively so I want to maintain it in the same vein. I also can't write more than I am posting and I'm sure people are not too keen to read any more than one or two posts a week. I hope this explains why you have not seen pictures of snow yet (if you were wondering etc). 

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