When welded to my bike something inside me is ignited. An explosive mix of oxygen and blood is the fuel that pumps powerful piston-like legs. The central processing unit of my brain constantly monitors the strain-gauges of my muscles. My heart hums on all cylinders as I rev the pedals and the breeze that fans my hair is my cooling system. The act of cycling, while physical, somehow manages to lubricate the mechanics of my mind. My spirit feels alive yet this is somehow as close to a machine as I could ever hope to become.

The Adventures of the Bionic Dude

The Bionic Dude is the latest in a long line of adventure figures. He mostly wanders the planet in his fleshly form but when equipped with two-wheels he is transformed into the animated action figure that is the Bionic Dude.

Aboard two wheels he can travel vast distances at great speeds over difficult mountainous terrain. In an effort to escape the Atlantean depths of his thought he climbs to great heights in order to commune with the clouds and daydream. Fresh perspective usually returns him to his mortal self until the ways of the world confuse him once more and so the 'cycle' perpetuates.

His latest quest takes him on a vast journey amongst ancient civilisations and over the world's highest peaks in an effort to unravel the great mystery of why he wants to go in the first place.

These are the voyages of the Bionic Dude ...